Gain staging

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Gain staging

Postby lobit » Tue May 27, 2008 5:27 pm

wondering about people's experience getting the fullest sound out the synth without distortion.

So far I have found if turn the vca input up all the way and turn the initial gain up nearly half, and use the filter inputs as a sort of 'mixer' i can get a nice warm sound, presumably because the vca is 'working' more. however i can overload the vca this way if the resonance gets too high.

It would be nice to use the big vca initial knobs as output level, but when they are switched to expo its not practical.

the other way i have found is to let the vcf ins pretty hot, the vca ins around 90% vca init around 5 and use the vca mod in to control the volume, its sounds very full but at the top of its volume range it will clip.

Obviously im going mostly by feel and using my ears, im not exactly sure what is happening electrically. I feel like maybe the vca inputs are a bit sensitive?

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