4CV Keyboard 184 - arpeggio & co

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4CV Keyboard 184 - arpeggio & co

Postby DAS SYSTEM » Sun Dec 08, 2013 9:47 pm

hej guys,

i am new here and hope to get some info about the 4CV keyboard.

got mine a few weeks ago but i am hardly getting into the arpeggiator. the web says that it has exactly the same arpeggio integrated as the jupiter-4 but i am not sure about it because it works different. beside of this, the 184 seem to act some kind of weird sometimes.

for example....
- when i play only ONE key in the 1st OCTAVE, the arpeggio plays only ONE note
- when i play only ONE key in the 2nd OCTAVE, the arpeggio plays only ONE note
- when i play only ONE key in the 3rd OCTAVE, the arpeggio plays a 3 note arpeggio !!!!!!!
- when i play only ONE key in the 4th OVTAVE, the arpeggio plays a 2 note arpeggio

this is totaly strange to me, but another guy told me thats exactly how it works, and that it work some kind of strange....

....would be cool if you could share your experiences with your 184, just in hope to get more behind it just to know how it exactly works....


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Re: 4CV Keyboard 184 - arpeggio & co

Postby ryk » Sun Jan 26, 2014 12:05 pm


sorry for the delay.

I have never owned or used a 184, so cant really help or comment
on what the problem is, sorry.


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Re: 4CV Keyboard 184 - arpeggio & co

Postby No Potential » Mon Nov 06, 2017 7:09 am

Hello All,

I've just registered and I know some time has lapsed since this was originally posted.
Hopefully, someone out there is still listening...

I'm currently verifying a M-184 keyboard that I've had in storage for 7-8 years. Never
did much with it before boxing it up. I DO see the exact same type of operation with
the arpeggio function. I'm somewhat relieved to see it's not a personal problem. At
the same time I'm still perplexed. Looking at the schematic tells me nothing in
the hardware alone can do this, it must be code within the 8048 μController. Not much can
be done about that. Correct or not, It is what it is...

My unit was purchased in Japan
I'm currently in the states
100V (for the Japanese market) (I do use a 115VAC to 100VAC step-down transformer)
S/N 110387
It is in "Like New" condition and
all other things work great.

Take Care,

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Re: 4CV Keyboard 184 - arpeggio & co

Postby yusynth » Mon Nov 13, 2017 7:37 pm

Hi there, this comes right in time, in another section of this forum I posted sometimes ago a request for the owner manual of the 184M. This because I have been experiencing the very same behavior you described with my 184M that I judged odd but could not say if it was normal or not.

Therefore I confirm the behavior you described. It is somehow a weird implementation for an arpeggiator it would be interesting if someone competent could reverse engineer the ROM and may be rewrite the arpeggio part....

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